Thankful For Mothers

Posted on May 6, 2015.

This Sunday will be Mother’s Day; a day to celebrate and show our gratitude for the wonderful women we have been blessed to call Mother. While there are many stories of horrible mothers, this day is about mothers who have done well. In our society mothers are often the ones who get the blame for many things that go wrong. But, this day is about what these precious women have done right. It is a day for us to say thank you for all the sacrifices and hardships that our mothers have made in order to bless our lives.

I have been greatly blessed by five great Mothers: my Mother, Mother-in-law, the Mother of my children, and the two Mothers of my grandchildren. Each one different yet each one a blessing to my life. My Mother had the ability to work full time, be a leader in the PTA, the Business Women of America, the Firefighter’s Auxiliary and our local church while at the same time caring for three very active boys and our Dad. Even more amazingly, she did all that and kept a wonderful sense of humor. My Mother-in-law ran a dentist office and an International Dental Association while taking care of her two children and my Father-in-law. She has been, and is, remarkable. She is still very independent and the Administrative Assistant for a church. Becky, the love of my life, mother of our two children and grandmother of our four grandchildren, is a phenomenal ”pastor’s wife,” mother, grandmother, and Speech Language Pathologist. I would be nothing without her love and support. She holds our family together and is also the world’s greatest bargain hunter. My daughter Louise is the amazing mother of three girls and a great wife for Jack. She is perhaps the most giving person I have ever known. She has a gift for teaching and caring for children. Stephanie is the wonderful mother of our fourth granddaughter, an accomplished business woman and the ideal wife for Jerison. I praise the Lord for these wonderful women He has graciously placed in my life and for the many others who have been such a blessing to our church. I pray each one will have a happy Mother’s Day.

Thankful for Mothers,
Bro. Jerry