Thankful For My Dad

Posted on June 17, 2015.

A group of men gathered for the first time at business conference. They began to talk about their children. One said, “ I work for Doublemint Gum and I was shocked to have twins.” “Oh really,” said another. “I work for 3M and my wife gave birth to triplets.” They turned to the third man who was beginning to look very pale. “Are you ok?” they asked. “I guess so,” came the reply. Then in an even shakier voice, the young man said, “I just found out my wife is expecting and I work for 7Up!”

Your father may have had one child or a dozen. In any case, he was probably not prepared for the task that was before him. The media portrays fathers as nincompoops. Our world would like for you to believe that father’s are unnecessary. Fathers may make mistakes and often say the wrong things but that does not erase their importance. The Bible certainly does not hold to the view that fathers are pointless. God designed families with the father at the head. In fact the father’s loving care for his family is to be an example of our Lord’s care for His children.

The greatest man I have ever known was my father. He was wise and accomplished. While not perfect, he gave his family his all. In fact, he gave his all to everything he put his hand to. He demonstrated a life of faith and led his family to worship the Lord. My Dad never quit. He was constantly seeking to improve himself; learning new things that he might be his very best and give of his best for others. While I understand everyone did not have a Dad like mine, I will ever be thankful that I was so blessed.

As we approach Father’s Day, would you join me in praying for fathers. Pray for men who will stand up and lead their families to Jesus.

Thankful for my Dad,
Bro. Jerry