Thankful For My Dad

Posted on June 14, 2017.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was just a lad of a boy; not even ten years old. There was a large group of boys in my community. We normally had a great time playing all sorts of games. However, as in any group of kids, there were times when we did not exactly get along. This was one of those days. For some reason, on this day, I was the odd man out. Everyone else was on a bike and I was surrounded on the road in front of my house. My not-so-good friends would ride at me and hit me as they passed. I was mad. In fact, I was so mad I was going to take on the whole neighborhood. This event which lasted only a few minutes seemed to go on for hours. Finally, I backed up against my mail box and told them I was going to beat the tar out of all of them if they did not leave me alone. I knew it was an idle threat because I was one against many. All of a sudden to my amazement, they took off like they had been fired from a cannon. I yelled after them not to come back. I was feeling pretty strong until I turned around. There stood my Dad and in his hand was a baseball bat. They had not been threatened by me at all. They ran from my Dad, who stood up for me.

I am thankful that my Dad was always willing to stand up for his boys. I was always safe when I was in his care and his guidance was always what I needed whether I knew it or not. His desire for each of us was that we would be the very best we could be. Such is the case with our Heavenly Father. He watches over us and is always ready to back us up. His guidance is always exactly what we need and His desire is that we have the very best life possible. That is why the Father sent Jesus. Jesus said, “He came that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly.”

As we approach Father’s Day, I am thankful for my Dad and the example of care and direction he set. I am indeed blessed that my earthly father taught me much about my Heavenly Father. It is great to know my earthly father and my Heaven Father both wanted the very best for and from my life.

Thankful for my Dad,
Bro. Jerry