Thankful For My Friend

Posted on January 16, 2018.

On December 22 , 2017, I received word that my friend, Alan Summers, had passed away. I came to know Alan 43 years ago when I started seminary. We were part of a very small group of conservative believers at the school. Alan and Diane were some of Becky and my first friends as a married couple. We were from different parts of the country but we shared a common bond and we remained close through the years even though we seldom saw each other. We rejoiced together in the good times and we cried together in times of difficulty. It was during a revival Alan preached at Northside that his daughter Ashley came to Jesus. He was a humble, caring servant of the Lord who lived to make things better for others. His entire ministry was carried out within a few miles of his home town, West Frankfort, Illinois. Alan and Diane were far from rich; he Pastored small churches and Diane taught school. I was honored to speak at Alan’s funeral. Though the temperatures were below 20 degrees, there were so many people who wanted to express their appreciation for Alan and his ministry that the lines went on for 6 hours one day and 2 more the day of the funeral. There was an additional hour after the service where people marched by the family. No one would have been more shocked by the outpouring of love than Alan. This humble, loving man of God never had a mega church or tv program but he served the Lord and made a lasting impact. He was of humble means financially but in love and friendship, he was the richest man in town. His life is an encouragement to keep serving Jesus day by day. You don’t know what God might be accomplishing through you.

Thnakful for my friend,
Bro. Jerry