Thankful For Springtime

Posted on March 22, 2017.

We are moving into spring, a truly wonderful time of the year. It is the season of new birth. The flowers and trees are budding, the grass is growing and the temperatures are rising and falling and rising again. Ok, we don’t know what the temperatures are doing but it is still spring. Time is marching forward. Many people are challenged to get out and get moving during the spring. It is a great time to increase your daily exercise routine or to start one. An important principal of life is, "What you do will determine what you can do.” Your activity level today will have a lot to do with your ability to be active tomorrow. Muscles work better when they are accustomed to working. Many people will not realize the truth of that principle until it is too late. What is true physically is also true spiritually. A close walk with Jesus today will prepare us for the strength we will need in the future. A strong faith is built by exercising the faith you have. We develop the ability to take our cares to the Lord in prayer by being consistent in our prayer life and rejoicing as our prayers are answered. Praying today, trusting today, witnessing today and praising God today will get us ready for a bright and peaceful tomorrow. It is Spring and time to get in better shape physically and spiritually. The results will be a blessing to our lives and the lives of others.

Thankful for Springtime,
Bro. Jerry