Thankful For The Assurance Of Salvation Found In Jesus

Posted on June 22, 2016.

Just a few weeks ago our world seemed to be shaken by the death of former heavy weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali. He was said to be the most recognizable figure in all the world. He proclaimed himself to be “ The Greatest. ” He was indeed a great boxer and a great showman. The African American community certainly looked up to Ali, as did the Islamic Community. Ali can be remembered as a “ good deed doer. ” He gave of his riches and he gave of his time, however, in his giving there is a sad truth. Mohammed Ali was once asked why he tried so hard to do good deeds. In particular, he was asked why he stayed and signed so many autographs. Ali answered, ” In each of those autographs is a good deed and I am seeking enough good deeds to get me into Heaven. ” Even though he was a devout Muslim, Ali knew his Islamic faith was not enough to take him to Heaven.

Unfortunately, he thought he could buy his way into Heaven with good deeds. He held this misguided belief as a Muslim. How many others are misguided by a similar rational considering themselves Muslims or Christians or nothing at all? Good deeds do not erase sins. Only the perfect sacrifice of God ’s own Son can take one’s sin away and equip them for Heaven. Billy Graham shared that truth with Mohammed Ali and I hope Ali reached out to Jesus before his death. If not, his death was more tragic than anyone can realize. We cannot do anything for Mohammed Ali today but we can share the saving knowledge of Jesus with others who are still alive. The Scripture reveals “ what shall a man profit who gains the whole world and loses his own soul, or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? ” The answer is certainly not found in signing autographs or other good works. The only way to salvation is through Jesus. In Jesus alone there is life, hope, and forgiveness

Thankful for the assurance of salvation found in Jesus,
Bro. Jerry