Thankful For The Peace Salvation Brings

Posted on August 26, 2015.

Recently the news reported that football legend and sports broadcaster, Frank Gifford, had passed away suddenly at his home. While many men know of Frank Gifford as the likable announcer of Monday Night Football, others only know of him through his wife, Kathy Lee Gifford. Those who live public lives get both positive and negative attention. Since the media enjoys spreading dirt, there have been negative stories about both Frank and Kathie Lee through the years. Now you may have opinions about the Giffords, but there was something very important that was revealed about Frank by his wife. She said, "When Frank was born, he was born into a family of poverty. They moved over 20 times because Frank’s father could not find work because of the depression. Every time they went to a new community they would make sure the entire family would go to church. So, when Frank was a young child he asked Jesus to come into his heart. He knew every sin he had ever committed had been forgiven.” She went on to let everyone know that this was the answer for their lives. Kathie Lee said, “When Frank died he was at complete peace and was the happiest he had ever been in his life. He had left his faith at times but his faith never left him.”

No matter what crazy thing Kathie Lee Gifford has said in her life, she gave a great gospel testimony from her husband's life. When people looked at her to go to pieces, she stood strong and lifted up the only way to salvation and peace. I am thankful for every time my Lord Jesus is exalted.

Thankful for the peace salvation brings,
Bro. Jerry