Thinking About God's Love

Posted on February 10, 2016.

This Sunday will be Valentine’s Day, I hope you will not miss the chance to say, “I Love You.” to some important person in your life. Love is a very special gift from God. It is God’s desire that we learn to love. Many people do not understand love at all. One woman told her husband, “You remind me of Don Juan.” He was amazed and asked, “How?” She answered, “He has been dead for years.” A lot of couples live as if love was dead. One young lady asked her boyfriend, “Do you love me?” He answered very emphatically, “Yes! You know I love you.” The girl followed up on his answer by asking, “Would you die for me?” The young man thought for a moment and answered, “No, our love is an undying love.” The love God gives us is not dead. It is in fact an undying love.

God’s love for us is an undying love because it is part of His nature. God loves us because of who He is not because of who we are. The Scripture tells us, “God is Love.” Because God is eternal, His love for us is eternal. God’s loves at all times and his love will never fail. While we live in a world of passing emotions, you can always depend of the love of God. Human love is often based on what a person can do for you. Such love is selfish in nature and will frequently fail. This human love is based on what we can get from someone else. God’s love is not based on getting but in giving. God’s giving love is well stated in John 3:16.

  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but should have everlasting life.”

Every area of our lives will improve when we receive and share God’s type of love. Love that is not selfish and looks for the best for others is a fulfilling love. It meets the deepest needs of our hearts. There is great joy in God’s self-giving love.

Perhaps this would be a good time for you to examine what type of love you demonstrate to others. Is your type of love focused only on yourself? Are you more concerned with your needs and wants than the needs of those you say you love? Surrender fully to the God who loves you so much that He was willing to go to the cross for you. Allow God ’ s love to fill your heart and then share that same giving love with others. You will be amazed at how the love of our Lord will fill your life and the lives of those you love with joy.

Thinking About God's Love,
Bro. Jerry