Trusting In God's Word

Posted on July 20, 2016.

Have you ever eaten Twinkies? For some time they have been made right in Columbus, Georgia. Hostess has a new owner and it has re-opened four former baking plants; including one in right here in Columbus. But while Twinkies are making a comeback, it is a myth that they will last forever. The Twinkies of the past posted a shelf life of 26 days. The new Twinkies will be manufactured to last even longer. Hostess Brands LLC says the spongy yellow cakes with the cream filling will have a shelf life of 65 days. The New York Post reported that because of the demand, Hostess will start freezing some of its cakes to extend their shelf life even further. Of course, these changes have necessitated a change in the Twinkies’ recipe. The manufacturers assure us that they will still be of the highest quality. Now those who are in love with Twinkies will have an opportunity to own part of the company as Hostess LLC goes public.

So Twinkies are not safe to eat years after they are made. However, there is something sweet on which you can rely; the Word of God. God’s Word will never fail. It is never out of date and can add a sweetness to your life. Now, I would not want to mislead you, God’s Word does have a preservative and that is God Himself. Because God will never change, His recipe for life, love and forgiveness will never change. A steady diet of God’s Word will strengthen your faith, lead you away from sin and into the wonderful blessings of the Lord. God’s Word can also give you an eternal shelf life and that good news went public a long time ago. It is open to all who will trust their lives to the Lord Jesus.

Trusting in God's Word,
Bro. Jerry