Trusting Jesus

Posted on May 2, 2017.

Have you noticed that there seems to be an increase of threats in the world? Almost daily we hear of some move of ISIS or other terrorist groups from the Middle East. Iran seems to be moving closer and closer to nuclear capability while that same threat is increasing in North Korea. Any action from the Islamic States against Israel would necessitate an immediate move on our part to defend our allies. That action world bring an assault from other Islamic states and their allies, mainly Russia and China. Of course the same thing could occur from an action on the part of North Korea against South Korea, Japan, or the United States. While the threats and volatility of the international world seems to grow, there is an increase in conflict within our own borders. We are seeing attacks on some of the most valued traits of our nation; free speech and freedom of religion. What are we to do as believers in the face of so many threats?

As believers, we are to continue to trust and obey our Lord. Threats do not take away our commission to “seek and to save the lost.” The increase of threats in our world should make us realize our need for prayer and increased faithfulness to Jesus. Wars and rumors of wars have always been a part of life. Such threatening talk should strengthen our resolve to be positive about Jesus and the peace that can only be found in Him. We must hold to the truth that our God can take us through whatever stands before us. In Him and Him alone we can find victory.

Trusting Jesus,
Bro. Jerry