Wanting To Be Faithful

Posted on August 19, 2015.

If you are a true believer, you have come to the point that you know you are a sinner and you have reached out to Jesus to forgive your sins and save your soul. It is through this acceptance of Jesus that we can rest in the fact that He has delivered us from the penalty of sin. Because we have accepted the saving power of Jesus, we can know that we will enter Heaven when we die and we will spend eternity with the Lord.

So, as believers we depend upon God for everything. In fact we want our God to watch out after us as we go through our daily lives. We expect Him to answer when we call upon Him in prayer. As your earthly parents have expectations of you as their child, our Heavenly Father has expectations of His children. One of the simplest things God expects of us is to show up for Worship. We want God to be available to us everyday. Is too much for God to expect you to be faithful to Sunday School and Worship services? We should not only attend each week, we should also bring our offerings to the Lord when we come. You can serve the Lord in other ways after you give your tithes and offerings but you can not fully serve God until you give your tithes and offerings. If you have gotten behind in the area of giving, you need to catch up. This week would be a great time to move forward in your relationship with God by being present and by being faithful in your giving.

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Wanting to be faithful,
Bro. Jerry