Wanting To End The Year With A 10

Posted on November 29, 2016.

We are finally here! December is coming. For some, December is the month that never comes while for those of an older persuasion it seems to come every other week. The name for December comes from the Latin “Decem” meaning ten. This can be a bit confusing since it is the twelfth month of our year. However it comes into focus when we remember that it was only the tenth month on the early Roman calendar. The early Romans had a year with only 304 days equally divided between the months. They also had 61 extra days they ignored because they came in the dead of winter. The Calendar was later modified to better coincide with the seasons forming the Julian calendar. Even with those changes the month known as 10 remained.

Children see December as the month school lets out and Christmas comes. Many adults see it as a time of rushing about to make sure the children and their other loved ones aren't disappointed. It is the last month of the year. We have December to seek to make up for whatever needs to be done before the calendar rolls over again. That would include giving more attention to worshiping our Lord Jesus. For whatever else December is, it is the month we remember that God so loves us that He came to be born in a lowly manger. December is truly a time for gifts and giving as we remember that God has given us the greatest gift of all. Lets use this month to draw closer to God than ever before, being faithful to Sunday School and worship and inviting 25 people to worship with us on December 25th. In so doing we will be able to rate this month a perfect 10.

Wanting to end the year with a 10,
Bro. Jerry