Warming Up For Jesus

Posted on June 10, 2015.

It’s June; what are you going to do about it? It seems that only a few short days ago we were shivering in February. Well, the shivering is over for a while and the temperatures are already moving toward the 100-degree mark. If you are new to Columbus, you may need to prepare yourself because summer is just getting started. Things don’t really heat up in the Fountain City until we reach August. In the west they speak of their high temperatures and seem to always add that it doesn’t get too bad because it is a “dry” heat. May I let you in on a secret? In Columbus, we sometimes have a drought but we always have a “moist” heat. Some days you can see the steam from the humidity. All over the world people pay exorbitant amounts to go to a spa and enjoy the benefits of baths. In Columbus we get all the benefits of a spa by simply going outside. So how are you going to deal with the heat of summer? I want to suggest that you use this time to draw closer to Jesus than you have ever been. Your like or dislike of our weather will not change it. However, you can be changed. You can choose to allow God the privilege of changing your heart and making you more like Jesus, even in June. Don’t waste this summer! Examine your walk with God and ask Him to warm you up in your spiritual life. Determine that you will serve Jesus more than ever before and you will start in June..

Warming up for Jesus,
Bro. Jerry