Watching My Focus

Posted on August 31, 2016.

Where is your focus? The Olympics has just ended and the American Team brought home 121 medals, 46 gold, 36 silver and 38 bronze. That is the third largest medal count in US Olympic history. Yet the topic of many news reports have veered away from that astonishing accomplishment by our Olympic Team. Instead, much of the news has chosen to focus on the escapades of a few intoxicated US swimmers.

By now you know the story. Four US athletes (Bentz, Conger, Feigen and Ryan Lochte) left France House early in the morning of August 14 in a taxi headed to the Olympic Village. They stopped at a gas station to use the restroom, where one of the athletes committed an act of vandalism. An argument ensued between the athletes and two armed gas station security staff, who displayed their weapons, ordered the athletes from their vehicle and demanded the athletes provide a monetary payment. Once the security officials received money from the athletes, the athletes were allowed to leave. The situation was made worse by the fact that Ryan Lochte lied, telling reporters that the athletes had been robbed at gun point. At first, that lie caused many to look down on Rio which was struggling to make a good impression. Later, when the truth was revealed, that lie caused many from other nations to view all Americans as liars. Our own country seemed to ignore the amazing accomplishments of our other athletes in order to focus on the poor behavior of a few. Our God challenges us to focus on things that are of good report. Share the good news brought by our Lord Jesus. Sin brings destruction but the way of the Lord brings joy and peace. Choose to focus on the positives our Lord brings into our lives instead of the negatives brought by sin. The result will be a happier and more fulfilling life.

Watching my focus,
Bro. Jerry