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Missing My Mom

May 4, 2016

This coming Sunday will be Mother’s Day. Whether you have had a wonderful experience with your mother or not, there is a truth that cannot be avoided. None of us would be on planet earth...

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Moving Forward For Jesus

April 27, 2016

Many people in today’s world seem to be satisfied in only accomplishing that which comes easy or without much effort. As believers, we are called to a higher standard. We must be willing to...

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Redeeming The Time

April 20, 2016

James W. Moore says, "One of the greatest comedy acts in the history of show business was the beloved husband and wife team of George Burns and Gracie Allen. In real life, Gracie Allen was a...

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Being Thankful For Mondays

April 13, 2016

This past Sunday night I heard the Pastor say that he really liked Mondays. Mondays are the second day of the week and the day of fresh starts. Yet, Mondays seem to be loathed by many people. In...

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Seeking Faithfulness

April 6, 2016

Spring has come along with longer days, brighter sun and lots of pollen. In Columbus you can usually tell that its spring by everything turning yellow. Those of us with allergies know that its...

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