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Relying On Jesus For The Middle

April 29, 2015

Stuart Briscoe has stated that the average Christian is like an old, iron bed; strong on both ends but sagging in the middle. By this he means that the average Christian has settled his salvation...

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Challenging You To Breathe

April 22, 2015

Many people look at their Christian life as a roller coaster experience; moving up and down in ones closeness to the Lord. I learned how to get off of this roller coaster life through the ministry...

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Still Celebrating Our Risen Savior

April 15, 2015

Easter has passed and with that comes the question, Now What? Most of the church knows how to rally for Easter Sunday. We are used to a big gathering that takes place on this big occasion at the...

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Spreading The News Of Hope

April 8, 2015

At the southernmost point of South Africa is a cape round which there are storms constantly raging. The stormy weather made the passing of that cape impossible. It seemed that the only ships brave...

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Giving Thanks For Jesus

April 1, 2015

This is the week that commemorates the death and burial of our Lord Jesus and leads us to the single greatest day of all, Resurrection Day. We will never know nor understand the great suffering...

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